About Us

We are a club at Midwood High School with the goal of helping the community be educated about women and their bodies. We post informational content about women’s health, women’s rights, feminism, and various other issues concerning the well being of those who identify as women.

Founded by three high school students, Olivia Katsura, Nia Rikadze, and Flavia Vuthaj, the club has rapidly grown with over 150 members and counting.


Even in the 21st century, it is nearly impossible for women to succeed with equitable opportunities since women are constantly victimized in political movements, judged by societal stigma and psychological complexes, oppressed from gender inequality, and confined of accessibility to healthcare. Fundamental human rights are up for debate! With the intention of informing the public on prevalent topics and spreading awareness about the oppression that women face in society, we hope that you can join us in our fight for women’s equality.


Join us on Google Classroom to receive updates on upcoming meetings and other important information. The Google Classroom code is kinw7ar.

Follow us on Instagram so you are informed on current topics regarding Women’s Health. Feel free to DM us for questions or concerns! Our Instagram is @midwood.womenshealthclub.

For further inquiries, you can reach us via email at: womenshealthclub@midwoodhighschool.org